TelScale JSLEE 6.1.4.GA released!

We are proud to announce Telscale JAIN-SLEE 6.1.4.GA certified against JAIN SLEE 1.1 (JSR 240) specification and working on top of JBoss AS5.

This version is derived from the JAIN SLEE 2.x Community version, with an emphasis on stability, reliability for real-world carrier grade deployments.

What is included in this release:

  • JBoss AS 5.1.0.GA with JAIN SLEE 1.1 Container installed
  • Tools: SLEE Web Management Console (pre-deployed), Twiddle CLI, Remote SLEE Connection, Jopr Plugin, SNMP Adaptor
  • TelScale EclipSLEE
  • Telscale Diameter 6.2.1.GA
  • Telscale SS7 7.0.1.GA
  • Telscale SIP Load Balancer 7.1.0.GA
  • Resource adaptors: JDBC, Diameter (Base, CCA, Cx/Dx, Gq, Gx, Rf, Ro, Rx, S6a, Sh Client, Sh Server), SS7 (MAP, CAP, TCAP, ISUP), HTTP (Servlet, Client, Client NIO), SIP (complaint with JAIN SLEE 1.1 specs), MGCP, SMPP v5, TFTP Server, XCAP Client, XMPP
  • Educational examples: MGCP Demo, SIP B2BUA, SIP JDBC Registrar, SIP UAS, SIP Wake Up, SLEE Connectivity
  • Enablers: HSS Client, SIP Publication Client, SIP Subscription Client, REST Client, XDM Client
  • Sources zip for debug purposes

What was changed since last Release 6.1.3.GA

  • Updated Diameter stack and RAs
  • Updated SS7 stack and RAs
  • Updated SIP stack and SIP RA
  • Added LoadBalancer 7.1.0.GA
  • Fixed documentation
  • Fixed release and prepared for CI/CD
  • Core changes:
    • Issue #6. RemoteEventWrapper: size limit fixing for readExternal method
    • Issue #9. Twiddle: bug fixing for creating and committing profile
    • Issues #15, #17 and #33. SLEE Management Console: RA entity properies configuration
    • Issue #19. Twiddle: separator for profile.edit command
    • Issue #23. ProfileCMP: getting corrent fieldName from method like getXYabc
    • Issue #35. SbbComponentValidator: fixing validateDescriptor for ProfileSpecRef descriptors
    • Issue #37. SBB CMP fields: adding a flag initializeReferenceDataTypesWithNull for defining default value for Reference Data types
    • Issue #43. ConcreteProfileGenerator: fixing problems with arrays as parameters types and methods return types
    • Issue #49. Allow services to override classes offered from server (JBoss)
    • Issue #53. Store and passivate SBB Entities: passivation of all SBB Entities in the transaction context if the SBB Object is not null
  • RA changes
    • SIP: Issue #6. Implementation of ApplicationData methods for Transaction extended
    • SIP: Issue #8. Add Contact header to new request in case when real dialog doesn't exist yet
    • SIP: Issue #14. DialogWrapper: fixing sending CANCEL request
    • HTTP: Issue #7 and #9. HTTP Servlet RA: default HTTP response status change, documentation update

Complete server documentation can be found in docs directory.

Your feedback is highly appreciated. If you discover a bug or you have suggestions for a new feature, we would like to hear from you. You can use our Customer Portal to add bugs or new feature.

You can even be part of the Open Source GitHub JAIN SLEE project by contributing patches, documentation or tests, check the JAIN SLEE Roadmap where we have already marked issues with “Help Wanted”.

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