TelScale jSS7 6.2.0.GA is now available !

We are proud to announce TelScale jSS7 6.2.0.GA SS7 stack working as standalone program as well as service over TelScale JSLEE Server. This product release comes with thorough documentation to provide in depth understanding of jSS7 as well as instruction on installation and usage. jSS7 6.1.x has come to end of life and no more releases will be made for 6.1.x.

In 6.2.0.GA, there are many new features added including TCAP statistics and real time graph to monitor the load. Apart from this, new MAP and CAP messages are added. To know more please read Release Notes.

Contact us for moving to the leading open source SS7 stack with Commercial-Grade Support

Existing customers can download the new version binaries from Premium Content section in our support portal.

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