TelScale 6.1.5.GA SMSC is now available!

We are proud to announce the release of TelScale SMSC Gateway 6.1.5.GA.

The SMSC is having following features

  • New Database Schema. TelScale SMSC Gateway 6.1.5.GA-TelScale comes with a new Database Schema. The procedure to create the database has been changed and is explained in the Installation Guide. The SMSC Gateway creates three tables for every new day with the date suffixed to the names of the tables as DST_SLOT_TABLE_yyyy_mm_ddSLOT_MESSAGES_TABLE_yyyy_mm_dd and MESSAGES_yyyy_mm_dd where yyyy_mm_dd is the date in that format. Refer to the Admin Guide for more details on the database structure.
  • Support for SMS Home Routing. TelScale SMSC Gateway supports SMS Home Routing that enables you to handle Mobile Terminated messages in the network that owns the customer so you can offer a full range of advanced and value added services on both inbound and outbound SMS. You may switch on/off SMS Home Routing according to your requirements.
  • Monitoring SMSC Statistics. TelScale SMSC Gateway now allows you to monitor the SMSC and view the current statistics in the GUI Management Console or through the Command Line Interface.

  • CDR for Receipt messages. The SMSC can now be configured to generate CDR for both receipt and regular messages or generate CDR only for regular messages. For more details on how to configure this setting, please refer to the Admin Guide.

  • Additional SMSC Parameters. You can now configure few additional SMSC Parameters (reviseSecondsOnSmscStart and processingSmsSetTimeout) using CLI and GUI.


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Existing customers can download the new version binaries from the Premium Content section in our support portal.

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