TelScale Restcomm 7.1.3.GA is now available

We are proud to announce the release of  TelScale Restcomm 7.1.3.GA.

TelScale Restcomm is a carrier-grade open source platform that provides developers the tools to integrate fax, voice, and SMS functionality in to their own applications with ease. 

The most outstanding new features for this release:

  • Restcomm Visual Designer (RVD) Alpha
  • Restcomm Admin UI integration with RVD
  • Live call modification API
  • CDR for calls created by RCML
  • And many more bug fixes 

The complete change log for this release can be found here.

Follow the links below to download the binaries or access the documentation:

Contact us for moving to the TelScale Restcomm with Commercial-Grade Support

Existing customers can download the new version binaries from the Premium Content section in our support portal.

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