TelScale USSD Gateway 6.1.4.GA is now available!

TeleStax is proud to announce the latest stable release of TelScale USSD Gateway, version 6.1.4.GA, a robust and carrier proven USSD Gateway built on a modern extensible middleware platform. We've done our best to bring new features to TelScale USSD Gateway while still maintaining the stability, security and simplicity that you have come to expect from TeleStax.

TelScale USSD Gateway 6.1.4.GA release is a major improvement in the 6.X.X series, which includes a large number of new features, bug fixes and enhancements. We are sure you'll enjoy the many improvements.

The key features of this release are:

1) GUI Management Console to configure, monitor and manage your SS7 Stack and USSD Gateway: The new user-friendly GUI gives you a single, centralized, easy-to-use graphical management and administration tool.

2) CDR Logging to plain text files instead of a Database: You can choose to persist CDR logging to a plain text file instead of using a Database.

3) Full Support for Network Push: TelScale USSD Gateway now fully supports Network Push.

4) TelScale jSS7 6.1.4.GA: This release bundles within it the latest TelScale jSS7 Stack that includes several new feature additions and many bug fixes.

5) Documentation: The documentation included with this release explains in detail the various configuration settings that you must fine-tune in order to achieve maximum performance in a production environment.

If you are an existing Customer, you can download the latest binaries and comprehensive documentation from the Premium Content section in your TeleStax Support Portal Account.

Contact TeleStax Sales to learn more about or purchase TelScale USSD Gateway with Commercial-Grade support. You can find the Product Data Sheet in our website.

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