TelScale 6.1.3.GA SMSC is now available!

We are proud to announce the release of TelScale SMSC Gateway 6.1.3.GA.

The SMSC is having following features

  1. Mo (Mobile originated) module that handles mobile originated SMS.
  2. Mt (Mobile terminated) module that delivers SMS to mobile
  3. Rx SMPP module that listens for incoming SMS from ESME and routes to Mt module
  4. Tx SMPP module that listens for SMS from Mo module and delivers to ESME over SMPP
  5. Secured CLI that allows to configure the SS7 as well as Service Center configs and ESME config's
  6. Handle multipart SMS
  7. Handle GSM7 Bit as well as Unicode format of SMS
  8. Generate CDR in file


Contact us for moving to the leading open source SMSC with Commercial-Grade Support

Existing customers can download the new version binaries from the Premium Content section in our support portal.

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