TelScale JAIN-SLEE 6.1.1.GA is now available !

We are proud to announce Telscale JAIN-SLEE 6.1.1.GA certified against JAIN SLEE 1.1 (JSR 240) specification and working on top of JBoss AS5.

This version is derived from the JAIN SLEE Community version, with an emphasis on stability, reliability for real-world carrier grade deployments.

What is included in this release:

  • JBoss AS 5.1.0.GA with JAIN SLEE 1.1 Container installed
  • Telscale Diameter 6.1.1.GA
  • Telscale SS7 6.1.1.GA
  • Telscale SIP Load Balancer 6.1.2.GA
  • Resource adaptors: Diameter Base, Diameter CCA, Diameter Cx/Dx, Diameter Gq, Diameter Gx, Diameter Rf, Diameter Ro, Diameter Rx, Diameter S6a, Diameter Sh Client, Diameter Sh Server, HTTP Servlet, HTTP Client, JDBC, MAP, MGCP, SIP complaint with JAIN SLEE1.1 specs, SMPP v5 , XCAP Client, XMPP
  • Educational examples: Google Talk Bot, MGCP Demo, SIP B2BUA, SIP JDBC Registrar, SIP UAS, SIP Wake Up
  • Enablers: HSS Client, SIP Publication Client, SIP Subscription Client, REST Client, XDM Client
  • Tools: SLEE Web Management Console (pre-deployed), EclipSLEE, Twiddle CLI, Remote SLEE Connection, Jopr Plugin
  • Sources zip for debug purposes
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