TelScale jDiameter 6.1.1.GA is now available!

TeleStax is proud to announce TelScale jDiameter 6.1.1.GA.

TelScale jDiameter implements the Base Protocol as well as some of the most important and widely used applications, allowing a fast development of IMS components, such as Application Server (AS), Home Subscriber Server (HSS), Call Session Control Function (CSCF), Subscriber Location Function (SLF), etc. It is easily extensible to provide support for new applications, be them 3GPP specified or any vendor custom application.

What is included in this release ?
  • Following Applications Support : Base, CCA, Sh (Client/Server), Rf/Ro, Cx, Dx, Gq', Rx, Gx, S6a
  • Support for Diameter RELAY / PROXY / REDIRECT Agents
  • Extensible & Flexible Dictonnary for adding new AVPs/Messages
  • High Availability Support with fine-grained data replication per Diameter Application
  • Bundled User Guide
  • Enterprise Monitoring and Management Console
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