TelScale SIP Servlets 6.1.0.GA is now available !

We are proud to announce TelScale SIP Servlets 6.1.0.GA certified against the Sip Servlets 1.1 specification and working on top of Tomcat 6 and JBoss AS 5.

This product release comes with the following new features :

What is included in this release:
  • TelScale SIP Servlets 6.1.0.GAJSR 289 certified containers
  • Bundled User Guides for both SIP Servlets and Load Balancer
  • Enterprise Monitoring and Management Consoles
  • Educational converged example : Click To Call
  • The TelScale Converged (SIP+HTTP) Load Balancer 6.1.0.GA
  • The server/all profile configured for clustering in JBoss with predeployed click2call-distributable and simple-sip-servlet-distributable applications to test clustering and mid call failover (Only JBoss distro)

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