TelScale Diameter 6.2.2.GA is now available

We are proud to announce TelScale Diameter 6.2.2.GA.

This version is derived from the Mobicents Diameter Community version, with an emphasis on stability, reliability for real-world carrier grade deployments.

The new binaries can be downloaded from the TelScale Diameter GA Binaries page. Included in this release:


  • Added Netty as transport layer for TCP and TLS;
  • Added support for terminating sessions after a configurable idle time;
  • Added support for S13/S13' (3GPP TS 29.272 Rel 12) for Mobile Equipment Identity Check;
  • Added support for basic load balancing via Router extension (WeightedRoundRobinRouter and WeightedLeastConnectionsRouter);


  • Better JBoss AS7 support;
  • Improvements to logger instance creation;
  • Updated SCTP library version and improved usage;
  • Memory footprint & GC improvements on message routing;
  • Performance enhancements to encode/decode AVP/Messages;
  • Updated dictionary definitions for several 3GPP applications/releases;


  • Fix to peer table growing on reconnections;
  • Fix race condition where multiple timeout timers could be fired;
  • Fix issue where a malformed packet could block stack forever;
  • Fix Sh application callbacks missing the request parameter;
  • Fix issue where Experimental-Result-Code wasn't being returned by getResultCodeAvp();
  • Several other misc fixes;

We'd like to thank all the community users that have contributed to this project, and specially to the following contributors who were especially relevant on making this release possible:

  • SummaNetworks;
  • Chathuranga Gunapala;
  • Gilli Nkaitshana from Conor Information Technologies;
  • Zhixiao Luo;
  • Nils Sowen from;
  • Jehanzeb Qayyum;
  • Richard Good from Smile Communications;
  • José María López from BICS;
  • Grzegorz Figiel from ProIDS;

Contact us for Diameter stack and products with Commercial-Grade Support

Existing customers can download the new version binaries from the Premium Content section in our support portal.


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